This is an ongoing project of prints that is in reference to, The Index (Body). These prints are works of labor using my body, technology, and ink. In the completed state the process of how they are created is invisible and mysterious. They appear to be printed from a computer program. What breaks this illusion is the relief marks in the thick paper and the inevitable imperfection of my own touch in the process. The prints are colorful, flat, and flamboyant. Repeating gradients over the surface blending each part into one another. Pictorially, shapes create the entire composition in reference to the index. The shapes form abstract bodies with some repeating themselves but conveying different information. For example, a nose shape may also be used for a finger or toe. This is to show the potential of a body in relation to a limitless index. They are prints, but they are not multiples. The act of making one is a comment on what my body does naturally (as I have been told) and what technology can offer. These prints are a record of a prosthetic relationship I created with the technology of a press. The index is a catalog of shapes that form an opportunity for utopic bodies.