2019   Tyler School Of Art, Masters of Fine Arts, Printmaking, Philadelphia, PA

2016   University Of Kansas, Bachelors of Fine Arts, Lawrence, KS


Solo/Two Person 

2020   TBD (with Anna Wehrwein), Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE (Forthcoming)

2019   Float Hatch, (MFA Thesis Exhibition), Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA 

2018   Side Scroll, Juice Box Gallery, Kansas City, KS                

2017   I Wish You All The Love, Wonder Fair Gallery, Lawrence, KS 

2016   Looking Good and Feeling My Best, Kat Richards and Phyllis YaoBooth Gallery, Snowmass, CO

2016   Small Fame, Becko Gallery, Kansas City, MO


2020   94th Annual, Print Center Online Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA (Forthcoming)

2019 When the Whirlwind Begins, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA (Forthcoming)

2019   WSL, Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2019   Ultra Light Beams, Mount Analogue Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2018   Tough Cookie, Print Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2018   Like Wise 2, Curiouser & Curiouser, Kansas City, MO 

2018 GIFC, The Hole, New York, NY

2017   Prelude, Stella Akins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA­

2017   Ironic Methods With Sincere Motives, Kiosk Gallery, Kansas City, MO    

2016   Fabrication, Kansas Union Gallery, Lawrence, KS 

2016   Dig-tal, Chalmers Gallery, Lawrence, KS 

2015   Group 5, Archive Collective, Kansas City, MO


2020   Print Center, 94thAnnual Semifinalist, Philadelphia, PA

2020   Vermont Studio Center, VCS Merit Grant, Johnson, VT

2019   Artists-in-Residence Program Fellowship, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO

2019   Deans Grant Recipient, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA 

2019   Teaching Assistantship, Spring Term, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2018   Teaching Assistantship, Fall Term, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2018   Workshop Scholarship, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO

2017   Teaching Assistantship, Fall Term, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA 

2017   Workshop Scholarship, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO

2016   Dean Award, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


2019   Kansas City Art Institute, Introduction into Photography Class, Kansas City, MO, Skype Lecture

2019   Women Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY, Guest Artist and Lecture

2018   University Of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, Visiting Artist and Lecture

2018   Tyler School Of Art, Seniors Printmaking Projects, Philadelphia, PA, Lecture

2017   Kansas City Art Institute, Junior Printmaking Class, Kansas City, MO, Visiting Artist

2015   Group 5, Kiosk Gallery, Kansas City, MO, Lecture


2019   Women Studio Workshop, Monoprint Magic, Rosendale, NY. Instructor­

2018   Hales Gallery, Zine for a Zine Workshop, New York, NY. Instructor

2018   University Of Kansas, Lawrence, Monoprint Workshop, KS, Demonstration

2018   Print Think, Tyler School of Art, Monomaking, Philadelphia, PA. Demonstration

2017   Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO. Demonstration

2017   WPA Programing, Screenprint Workshop, Aspen, CO. Instructor


2019   Edgar Heep Of Birds Edition, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2018   Love Watts Art Project, Love Watts, New York, NY

2018   Zine for a Zine Book Editions, Hales Gallery, New York, NY

2018   Amze Emmons Edition, Philadelphia, PA

2017   Harrison St. Mural, Kansas City, MO

2016   Simon Haas Edition, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass Village, CO

2016   David Sandlin Editions, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

2016   Sol LeWitt, Print Event, Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS 


2020   Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (Forthcoming)

2019   Anderson Ranch Art Center, Winter Term, Snowmass, CO (Currently)

2016   Drug Store Studio, Kansas City, MO


2019   The Print Center, Announcing the 94th International Competition Winners, September

2019   Jasmyne King, The Stanger, Seeing the Hand, March 

2019   Jasmyne King, The Stanger, Post Analog as Fuck,February  

2019   Sara Garrioson, Like Wise Magazine,Issue 2. November

2018   Love Watts, Love Watts Project, November



2018   Tyler School Of Art, Fall Term, Seniors Relief and Mono-print, Philadelphia, PA, Instructor of Record

2018   Tyler School Of Art, Spring Term, Relief and Serigraphy, Philadelphia, PA, Continuing Ed. Instructor

2018   Tyler School Of Art, Summer Term, Relief and Serigraphy, Philadelphia, PA, Continuing Ed. Instructor  

2016   Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO, Internship

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